Participation information

Prices, options, and deadlines

Exhibition space

Booking just the exhibition space provides the most flexibility for stand decoration. You can either bring or order all the necessary items from a stand partner.

Exhibition spaces


 99 €/m2 + VAT


 20 €/m2 + VAT


 50 € + VAT

Exhibition space layouts

The exhibition spaces are divided into Global Village (GV), Visit Estonia (PE), Hall of Flavours (E&M) halls, and outdoor space (VP). For hall layouts check here.

Standard stands

The standard stand is a simple and cost-effective solution for participating in the fair. We offer standard stands in sizes ranging from 9 to 24 square meters. The price includes the exhibition space, and VAT is added.



12 m2






without equipment

1490 €

1890 €

2290 €

2390 €

2590 €

2890 €

3390 €

with equipment

1590 €

2150 €

2650 €

2850 €

3150 €

3450 €

3950 €


October 31, 2023

In October, sign the registration agreement and pay the registration fee of €275 + VAT.

November 30, 2023

In November, a 50% payment of the exhibition space or standard stand cost is due. Those wishing to have their own stand design should select a stand partner and begin planning.


December 31, 2023

In December, a 100% payment of the exhibition space or standard stand cost is due. Builders of their own stand designs should send the stand layout along with partner information.

NB! The registration fee is non-refundable; for more details refer to the Terms of Participation.

To order exhibition space or a standard stand, please go to