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From 1990. the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association annually announces the best tourism attraction and since 1992 also the best tourism promoter, in order to make the general public aware of the important role played by the tourism industry in the Republic of Estonia and to publicly acknowledge successful tourism projects and individuals.

The nominee for the title of “Best Tourism Object” must be well known, have prestige in the tourism market, and provide impeccable customer service. The choice is also influenced by the novelty of the service (product), originality, good marketing, a qualitative leap in improving service levels, etc. Professionalism, based on international experience, also plays a key role in the selection process when dealing with tourism businesses.

The recipient of the title of Best Promoter is a person who is directly involved in tourism business issues at a practical or theoretical level, in business in tourism infrastructure companies, or in tourism education. The person must have a significant impact on the positive development of tourism in Estonia or abroad, have personal recognition and authority in the Estonian tourism community, and have an impeccable reputation. It is also based on the successful launch and implementation of new projects.

The best tourism object and promoter of the year will be officially announced by the ETFL President at the traditional annual Tourest tourism fair and announced in the press. A certificate will be awarded by the ETFL to the best tourist site and promoter of the year.

Estonian Tourism Association 2022 Tourism Promoter of the Year and Tourism Object of the Year awards:

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