The oldest travel trade fair in the Baltic countries Tourest is happening again after 2-year break

Last year, the oldest travel trade fair in Estonia and the Baltic countries Tourest was cancelled due to the pandemic. In February next year, it’s taking place again in its traditional time, the second weekend in February in Estonian Fairs Centre. Tourest, celebrating its 30th birthday, will focus on responsible travelling in this new reality.

The three-day-long trade fair will take place from 11th to 13th of February 2022, traditionally in Estonian Fairs Centre, where everyone can safely familiarize themselves with travelling opportunities, get important information about different travel destinations and purchase vacation offers at great prices.

“In the last Tourest in February 2020, no-one could foresee that the anniversary trade fair will have to be postponed two years and its role will be more crucial than ever before. The desire to travel has not disappeared anywhere, but is increasing, however, there still are questions on that part,” said the secretary-general of Estonian Travel and Tourism Association Merike Hallik.

“We are already working hard so that people could come to the travel trade fair and ask professional travel advisors or representatives of different nations for adequate advice on travelling in this new situation. And of course, there are expected to be a lot of great travel offers,” added Hallik.

The registration of exhibitors for Tourest started on November 1st and the first days have assured that the interest towards travel trade fair is lively. From new destinations, Costa Rica and the British Virgin Islands have shown interest in participating in Tourest, in addition to many countries closer and further.

„For the destinations, it is important to find every client, because the competition for tourists in today’s world is fiercer than ever. To the visitors of the fair, this means a broad selection and expert advice from travel professionals, who come here to introduce the tourist opportunities in their destination,” noted Hallik.

Organized by the Estonian Travel and Tourism Association, the 30th Tourest trade fair’s wider focus is the introduction of responsible travelling. The beloved Visit Estonia area will be once again erected for Tourest friends, and Estonian foodies offer genuine food from different regions in the Hall of Experiences and Tastes. According to Hallik, Tourest is like a good journey – starts with professional advice and consists of new and interesting as well as well-known and safe.

“We are hopeful and excited because this autumn has shown that people have gotten back the courage to travel,” noted Hallik. “Now, it’s time to shift gears and think about travelling tomorrow. We will do that in Tourest, and we will do it responsibly!”

The hashtags for Tourest are #traveltomorrow, #travelresponsibly, which symbolise responsibility, dreams and adventure – all at the same time.