Exhibition space, m2

104.00  Without VAT

The minimum size of the exhibition space that can be chosen is 9m2 and the price per m2 is 104 € + VAT.

The exhibition space is the space rented by the Exhibitor from the Organiser for the duration of the exhibition or trade fair, inside the Exhibition Centre (indoor space) and/or outside the Exhibition Centre (outdoor space).

The exhibition space is only rented to the main exhibitor. Each main exhibitor has the right, in agreement with the Organiser, to include co-exhibitors in a particular exhibition or fair. The main exhibitor is obliged to pay the co-exhibitor participation fee for each co-exhibitor participating in the exhibition or fair. The main exhibitor does not have the right to give the exhibition space allocated to him, or parts thereof, to third parties or to sub-let it, without being entered on the registration sheet and without informing the Organiser. The main exhibitor is prohibited from advertising and demonstrating in its exhibition space the products and services of companies and organizations not listed on the registration form for a particular exhibition or fair.

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The exhibition space is the area in m2, rented by the Main exhibitor from the organizer during the Tourest, which is located in the exhibition hall (indoor area) and/or outside the exhibition hall (outdoor area).

The Main Exhibitors (hereinafter Exhibitor) are undertakings who have a valid participation agreement for renting an exhibition space (hereinafter Agreement). The name and/or logo of the Exhibitor are/is on the fascia board of the stand it has rented, data are published in the TOUREST web catalog.

The Co-Exhibitors (hereinafter Co-Exhibitor and also generalized as an exhibitor) are legal persons, who are participating at the fair on the main exhibitor’s floor space. The floor space allocated to the Co-Exhibitor has to be clearly differentiated in design, whereas the Co-Exhibitor’s name/logo and other mandatory information for Exhibitors have to be emphasized, and representatives of the Co-Exhibitor have to be present on the floor space. The Exhibitor is obligated to register all their Co-Exhibitors and pay the participation fee and service fees of each Co-Exhibitor. If the Co-Exhibitor is also participating at the fair as an Exhibitor, they are exempt from the Co-Exhibitor’s fee. The Co-Exhibitor status guarantees the name and/or logo of the Co-Exhibitor in the design of the floor space and the right to hand out the Co-Exhibitor’s advertising materials. Information about the Co-Exhibitors, who have been registered in a timely manner, is entered into the electronic fair catalog.