We welcome all the travel industry professionals and specialists of the related fields to attend the travel trade fair Tourest 2020. 
TourestPRO invitation is free for the travel industry professionals, but registration is required. Please fill in the application form HERE. Your personal TourestPRO invitation will be sent to your e-mail address marked on your application within two working days after applying. 
Please print out your TourestPRO invitation and take to the fair, where you will get an eco friendly holder for it. Representatives of exhibitors of the fair do not need a TourestPRO invitation as they already have an exhibitors' card. 
TourestPRO INVITATION entitles you to: 
• FRIDAY, Feb 7 10.00-13.00 access during the PRO-ONLY hours, incl. free wardrobe service
• FRIDAY, Feb 7 participate in the TourestPRO activities (see below)
• FRI - SUN, Feb 8-9: VIP/fast entrance via a marked TourestPRO entrance at any time the fair is open to the public 
Estonian Travel and Tourism Association (ETFL), organizer of travel trade fair Tourest 2020 does not provide exhibitors and/or visitors of the fair with visa invitations. All the persons who want to attend the travel trade fair Tourest 2020, taking place on February 7-9, 2020 in Tallinn Estonia will have to organize their needed travel documents/visas on their own. ETFL does not bear any responsibilities/liabilities of the potential participants/attendants of travel trade fair Tourest. 
We are looking forward to seeing you at the travel trade fair Tourest 2020!
For additional information please contact us 
Programme (seminars and events in English) on Friday February 7:
The full TourestPRO programme, including the seminars in Estonian, can be found HERE
New details to the programme will be added accordingly.

11:30-12:45    “Estonia, a sustainable destination”. What does it really mean? Are we ready for the challenge?                                                                            
                         Coordinator: Estonian Travel & Tourism Association, Estonian Hotel and Restaurant
                         Association, EAS Enterprise Estonia.       

13:00-13:30    Opening ceremony of the International Tourism Fair Tourest 2020
                        Estonian Travel & Tourism Association – Tourism Awards of the year 2019
                        Coordinator: Estonian Travel & Tourism Association, EAS Enterprise Estonia.

14:00-14:45     "Travelling in the new reality, a challenge of sustainability in tourism"
                         Coordinator: Estonian Travel & Tourism Association

14:00-14:45     Estonian Hotel Market Offers and Developments 2020 (TBD)
                         Coordinator: Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association