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The international travel trade fair TOUREST 2021, already the 30th in line, will NOT TAKE place on February 12-14, 2021.  We will publish more detailed information about the time of the jubilee fair soon.

Tourest is an international travel trade fair held in Estonia, offering various holiday and entertainment options. It may usually take weeks to plan your holiday to find cheap plane tickets on the Internet, and reasonably-priced accommodation, plus holiday activities and entertainment at the destination. But Tourest is proud to boast the most proficient tourism and entertainment professionals to help you find the best solutions right at our venue. 

Tourest visitors will find:

  • inspiration for holiday plans;
  • a boost to your joy of travel, introducing various options for holidaying, activities and entertainment both in Estonia and abroad;
  • an expansion of your horizon, presenting new and exciting destinations, and sharing the travel experience of well-known globe-trotters.

Tourest gives you ideas for trips to Estonia and abroad. The 2020 surprise destinations were Azerbajdzan and Uzbekistan. Tourest 2021 will also offer a host of various holiday destinations for different wishes. The Estonian Culinary Route will introduce Estonia's culinary regions. Among others, we are proud to present the best culinary region of 2020-2021, the Läänemaa Toit

In addition to the providers of holidays and activities, Tourest helps you find different support services, from travel insurance too, literally, a new fabulous suitcase. Tourest is a huge mall of holidays, so all of our visitors will find the perfect getaway for them.


FREE OF CHARGE entry is available for those who have previously downloaded Tourest invitations (can be on paper or on your cellphone). Free of charge fair tickets are obtainable at latest 11.01.2021 from our web page, or on Facebook and Instagram   

Should you forget your ticket at home or forget to download it, you will have to purchase the ticket.

  • Regular ticket 5.00 €
  • Discount ticket 4.00 € (one-time entry for OAPs and pupils)
  • Family ticket 10.00 (one-time entry for 2 adults and kids up to 18 years, the number of kids is not limited)
  • Parking 5.0 € (one-time entry)
  • Parking 15.00 € (the entire fair)














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