Waste management

Putting waste outside the garbage cans is forbidden on the territory of the fair center. Pouring lubricants, oil residues, solvents, enamels or paints into the sewer is prohibited. It is also forbidden to put inflammable or explosive substances or materials, hazardous waste, liquid waste, waste requiring special processing, e.g. batteries, containers of paint or other chemical substances, or materials used in building the stand or exhibiting the machinery or equipment (wood, chipboard, fibreboard, metal, glass, etc.) into the garbage container for mixed domestic waste. The Exhibitor or his subcontractor shall have to put all large waste produced during the construction of its stand into the garbage cans in the territory of the fair center, which are specified for that purpose or order to the stand garbage cans from Estonian Fairs Ltd. Payment for the service shall be based on the Estonian Fairs Ltd price-list.

If the Exhibitor or its subcontractor has not put its waste into the waste containers, an invoice for cleaning works will be made according to the Estonian Fairs price list.

It is prohibited to storage exhibits and stands building materials to the stands passageways, the organizer is entitled to remove them without any notice.

The elimination of any environmental damage or pollution caused due to ignoring or violation of the waste management regulations shall be at the expense of the Exhibitor who caused the damage or pollution.