Why participate as an exhibitor at TOUREST?

The international travel trade fair TOUREST 2022, already the 30th in line, will ...

TAKE place on February 11-13, 2022 at the Tallinn,  Estonian Fair Center, at Pirita tee 28, Tallinn. 

Tourest, being the largest sales fair in the Nordic countries, with about 28,000 visitors for 3 days, gives to the exhibitor a unique opportunity to simultaneously implement various marketing goals, from selling products to building an imago/brand.

The 3 main goals of the Tourest 2020 exhibitors were:

Tourest 2020 exhibitors were satisfied with the fair. We asked from exhibitors in the feedback "Did participating in the fair fulfill its purpose for your company?" And we received the answer:

As an organizer of the fair, our goal is the sustainability of Tourest. That is why we issue the VISITORS 'FAVORITE titles to the exhibitors at each fair hall, which brings to the exhibitor a considerable amount of credit from the fee for participating in the next tourism fair Tourest.


Tourest 2020 visitors' favorites were 


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