Sunday, 11.02


10.45-11.00     Shipping company´s DFDS game
Kids are greeted by Põlva County´s children area
     Võru Children´s Festival "Rõkkab rõõmust maakera"
11.30-11.45     Setomaa stories
11.45-12.00     Kids are greeted by visitors from Moomin World
12.00-12.30     AHHAA – burning science!
12.30-13.00     Indonesian Traditional Dances
13.00-13.15     Ida-Viru County invites to mine gold
13.15-13.30     INDIAN dances
               Travel agency Karol:  drawing of prizes         

14.00              The official ending ceremony of TOUREST 2018
                             Announcement of the winners of People’s Favourite Stands at Tourest 2018.
                             Tourest 2018 grand prize drawing



10.00   Making Pokus (Pokuland)
10.30   Making road master´s jar-cake (Estonian Road Museum), bat making (Piusa Visitor Centre)
11.00   Cone throwing competition (Pokuland)
11.30   Workshop of folding napkins (Hotel Pesa), board game
12.00   Team games (Taevaskoja Holiday Centre/Taevaskoja Youth Camp)
12.30   Making road master´s jar-cake (Estonian Road Museum)
13.00   Cone throwing competition (Pokuland), making prince and princess´s crowns (Cantervilla ˇ Theme Park)
13.30   Making Pokus (Pokuland), Team games (Taevaskoja Holiday Centre/Taevaskoja Youth Camp), board game
14.00   Making road master´s jar-cake (Estonian Road Museum), cone throwing competiton (Pokuland), making sand-card (Piusa Visitor Centre)

11.00-14.00     Game with prizes, once in an hour
Children can try on different costumes from Cantervilla Palace´s boudoir, try horse racing, wonder around in Piusa cave, make photos of yourself as a bat, play in Hotel Pesa´s and Mooste Manor´s doll houses, colour Pokus and bats or just draw. Instructors from Taevaskoja Holiday Village´s Youth Camp teach the children to wreathe friendship lace and show you the climbing equipment for adventure track. You can also try to ride the scooter.  Small shop is open for you to buy small presents and souvenirs of Põlva County.


12.00-12.30     Sushi
 Demonstration (Maria Lilje, Sushimon)
13.00-13.50     Making Friendship Cards (Natalia Orshanskaya, JEL School)
15.00-15.50     Origami Workshop (Natalia Orshanskaya, JEL School)

CWT/Kaleva Travel (G4) Take part in CWT fair poll and WIN A CRUISE!
CYPRUS (C6) Come to our stand, participate in a game and win a gift certificate for 500 EUR.  
NORDICA (E4) Participate in a travel game and win flight tickets for 4 people to Rijeka, Croatia. Try flight simulator and find out how it is to be a pilot. There are Nordica ballooons and Kalev candies for the cutest pilots and a gift for everybody who makes a purchase from Nordica stand.
NOVATOURS (G1) Winter and summer holidays with friendly fair discounts, up to 50%. Wide selection of added values and special offers!
SRI LANKA (K2) Get to know about this amazing county, discover interesting travel offers, enjoy local ceylon tea and win souvenirs.
VALMIERA (D6) Come to our stand and find out how Valmiera is going to celebrate its 735th anniversary this year. Discover what kind of event is Valmiera Summer Theatre festival and explore other reasons why should you come to Valmiera and Latvia this year!  You also have a possibility to taste delicious Valmiermuiža beer and natural Latvian bread.
Wonderful Indonesia (K9) First time in Tourest 2018, Wonderful Indonesia invites all travelers from Baltics to feel and experience journeys to many spellbinding destinations with unique cultures that lie within the Indonesia archipelago. There will present business networking activities, tourism information services, hospitality corner and also interesting cultural performances. Explore more at



12.00-14.00     JÕGEVA COUNTY Lible lottery

CCCP Põgenemistoad (PE-30) ESCAPE FROM REAL PRISON IN PÄRNU with 30% discount!
Estonia Spa (PE-09) Lottery prizes: 100 estonian spa-packages for two! Find out more at
JÕGEVA COUNTY Kalevipoja quiz, activities related to the Juulamõisa traditions and food; introduction of NGO Jõgevamaa tastes and degustation of Põltsamaa wines.
PEIPSI COUNTY    Take part in the III. Peipsi Lake Festival´s game and win prizes from local enterprises. Taste Peipsi cucumber, fish and other local food and drinks from Räpina Loomemaja, Alatskivi manor and castle´s restaurant, etc.
VALGA COUNTY Play the game „Know about Valga County“ and win valuable prizes from local enterprises. Participate in a GMP Pühajärve restaurant´s blind degustation. Special offer for the visitors: Buy GMP Pühajärve restaurant chef´s menu for two for 95 EUR and get accommodation in GMP Clubhotel as a gift for FREE!


*Program is valid as of  26.01. 2018. Changes are possible. More information