International travel trade fair TOUREST


The international travel trade fair TOUREST 2021, already the 30th in line, will take place...

on May 14-15, 2021 at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, at Narva maantee 95, Tallinn.

On its 30 th birthday, the two-day fair at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds is taking place both indoors and outdoors, offering the visitors a chance to safely get aquainted with travel opportunities and to get important information about different travel locations and conditions.

TOUREST is an international travel trade fair held in Estonia, offering various holiday and entertainment options. It may usually take weeks to plan your holiday to find cheap plane tickets on the Internet, and reasonably-priced accommodation, plus holiday activities and entertainment at the destination. But TOUREST is proud to boast the most proficient tourism and entertainment professionals to help you find the best solutions right at our venue. 

This year, TOUREST is focusing on responsible travelling in this new situation.

It’s remarkable that at the 30th anniversary fair, we are talking mainly about how to restart travelling and how to travel safely, #TravelTomorrow #TravelResponsibly.

In addition to safe travel the visitors of TOUREST will find:

  • inspiration for holiday plans;
  • a boost to your joy of travel, introducing various options for holidaying, activities and entertainment both in Estonia and abroad;
  • an expansion of your horizon, presenting new and exciting destinations and sharing the travel experience of well-known globe-trotters.

We are announcing the first participants of TOUREST in February, so you can already discover which travel offers you can find at the fair. As always, Estonian counties and spas are introducing possibilities to vacate in Estonia. You can find the whole Estonia basically from the palm of your hand at the VisitEstonia area created in cooperation with the Estonian Tourist Board at Enterprise Estonia, located at the outdoors area at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The aim of the organisers of TOUREST is to offer interesting information, leisure opportunities and of course, favorable offers for all visitors, may you be a seeker of vacation or adventures.

In addition to the providers of holidays and activities, Tourest helps you find different support services, from travel insurance to, literally, a new fabulous suitcase. TOUREST is a huge mall of holidays, so all of our visitors will find the perfect getaway for them.

All the best Estonian travel professionals are represented at TOUREST, so you can be sure to get the most accurate and competent advice regarding travelling. May the questions be about flying with children, luggage insurance, hotels in your destination or about anything else – the professional consultants have been working hard throughout the year to find out the best offers and share them with others during TOUREST.

Even those, who have not yet decided whether and where they would like to travel, are encouraged to visit TOUREST. In the program of the Travellers’ Club this year, we are speaking about safe travelling and share important information about different locations and current terms when wishing to enter those countries. Travellers and adventurers are also sharing fresh impressions about the interesting places they last visited.

Estonian spas and our own tour operators who offer vacation opportunities to Estonia and abroad can be found from indoors at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. In cooperation with Estonian Rural Tourism, the Estonian Culinary Route will introduce Estonia's culinary regions. They are located from the arch at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds to the Sea gate.

Whether a Great Holiday Lottery or a Great Travel Auction awaits for the visitors at the jubilee fair, shall be a secret for the time being :)


FREE OF CHARGE entry is available for those who have previously downloaded Tourest invitations (can be on paper or on your cellphone). Free of charge fair tickets are obtainable at latest from 26.04.2021 from our web page, or on Facebook and Instagram.

Should you forget your ticket at home or forget to download it, you will have to purchase the ticket.

  • Regular ticket 5.00 €
  • Discount ticket 4.00 € (one-time entry for OAPs and pupils)
  • Family ticket 10.00 (one-time entry for 2 adults and kids up to 18 years, the number of kids is not limited)
  • Parking 5.0 € (one-time entry)
  • Parking 15.00 € (the entire fair)


The holiday starts here! ​The adventure starts here!