Exhibition space, m2

105.00  Without VAT

The minimum size of the exhibition space that can be confirmed is 9 m2.

The exhibition space is the area in m2, rented by the Main exhibitor from the organizer during the Tourest, which is located in the exhibition hall (indoor area) and/or outside the exhibition hall (outdoor area).

The Main Exhibitors (hereinafter Exhibitor) are undertakings who have a valid participation agreement for renting an exhibition space (hereinafter Agreement). The name and/or logo of the Exhibitor are/is on the fascia board of the stand it has rented, data are published in the TOUREST web catalog.

The Co-Exhibitors (hereinafter Co-Exhibitor and also generalized as an exhibitor) are legal persons, who are participating at the fair on the main exhibitor’s floor space. The floor space allocated to the Co-Exhibitor has to be clearly differentiated in design, whereas the Co-Exhibitor’s name/logo and other mandatory information for Exhibitors have to be emphasized, and representatives of the Co-Exhibitor have to be present on the floor space. The Exhibitor is obligated to register all their Co-Exhibitors and pay the participation fee and service fees of each Co-Exhibitor. If the Co-Exhibitor is also participating at the fair as an Exhibitor, they are exempt from the Co-Exhibitor’s fee. The Co-Exhibitor status guarantees the name and/or logo of the Co-Exhibitor in the design of the floor space and the right to hand out the Co-Exhibitor’s advertising materials. Information about the Co-Exhibitors, who have been registered in a timely manner, is entered into the electronic fair catalog.

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